COVID-19, What NOT to do!

OK, people.  Here we are.  COVID-19.  It's been unleashed.  It's upon us.  It's a thing.  It's real.  Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse could well happen.  Hollywood screenplay becomes real life.  Now what?  Well, luckily, I'm here to serve and to help.  With the assistance of a few of my wild animal buddies.  Actually, images of a few of my wild animal buddies, but you get the drift.

You see, we're kind of all in the same boat here, in that we've never had to deal with anything quite like this before.  So, we're at the mercy of the so-called "experts" to tell us what to do next.  But there are a ton of those "experts" out there, with differing opinions on what our course of action should be.  So, it becomes a bit confusing, doesn't it?  Let me answer that:  yes.  Yes, it does.  But that's why we're here.  With the help of my little critters, let's graphically point out what NOT to do over the next few weeks. 

Let's begin with "social distancing".  Here, a flock of Eiders demonstrate precisely the WRONG thing to do:

This is, in a word, bad.  Very bad.  This is a floating petri dish.  This is a Carnival Cruise.  Don't do it.

Next:  Hoarding.  This is a also very bad.  Whether you're thinking of hoarding toilet paper, frozen food, hand sanitizer, whatever -- don't do it!  Take a good, close look at this Puffin.  See the guilty look on his face as he's caught hoarding a bunch of Krill?

He knows he screwed up.  There's enough Krill to go around, so don't be a Pig.  Think of your fellow man...or fellow Puffin.  Whatever. 

So, don't hang out in big crowds, and don't hoard.  Now, to the third thing:  Complacency.  This may be the worst of all.  Don't do NOTHING.  Some think that if you just ignore the problem, it's gonna magically just go away on its own.  No.  Wrong.  It will not go away.  It will get worse before it gets better.  Do NOT just bury your heads in the sand.  Or in this case, the water:


Let's review:  Crowds, hoarding, complacency...all very bad!  But before we wrap this thing up, there is one more thing you should not do.  And it's a biggie:  you should not NOT scrub your hands.  To put it another way, scrub your hands!!  Here's an example of a wild animal NOT scrubbing its hands:

I know -- you're saying to yourself, "But, Gerry -- Harbor Seals don't have hands!"  Very true.  But you get the point.  And now you should have all the info you need.  Do not NOT heed this advice.  My thanks to the animals, and to you, for helping save the world.  Or to put it another way, not NOT save the world.  Feels pretty good, right? 

My work here is done, so now, I'm gonna go watch the NBA on TV.  Oh.....crap.